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Environmental Services (EVS) may represent only 1% of your hospital’s overall spending, but it impacts 99% of its operations. That’s a significant number — especially when you’re in the business of caring for people.

This is exactly why, when you outsource EVS to Service Management Systems, the first thing we do is take an in-depth look at your current operations. We analyze how EVS affect other departments, and our specialists study a number of crucial factors within four main areas:

  • Quality — how your current EVS program contributes to Environment of Care Compliance standards.
  • Program — how your program drives cost out and efficiency in.
  • People — how your employees are trained to be hospitable and responsive.
  • Cost — how you can find variable cost productivity in areas you may not have looked.

With this insight, we develop a detailed plan that highlights service gaps and outlines opportunities for improvement. We then put that plan into action with our EVS trained housekeeping technicians using a series of proven, systematic approaches.

The result? Smoother processes, faster throughput and increased efficiency, all working together to support the other 99% while they stay focused on patient care.

More importantly, however, the special care provided by SMS’s EVS team gets noticed by patients and their families which in turn significantly impact their retention by and referral of your hospital.

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