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Site-specific EVS

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Our Services

By relying on procedures developed specifically for acute care hospitals, we give you a spotless and efficient environment in which to work. As for your patients? They’ll feel better about trusting a hospital that places such obvious value on absolute cleanliness. Our services include:

Expert Assessments

Because EVS affect so many of your hospital’s operations, our specialists thoroughly evaluate your current EVS program and develop a detailed plan that highlights service gaps and lays out opportunities for improvement. Learn more about our assessment process.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

EVS technicians are trained to communicate with patients so that they feel they’re informed of the services and procedures that are being performed in their rooms. Positive interaction between the EVS technician cleaning the room and the patient can have a positive effect on the patient’s attitude, anxiety level and their image of the hospital. Find out more about how we increase patient satisfaction.

Raised HCAHPS Scores

With the HCAHPS survey now in place, patient perceptions of cleanliness are more important than ever. That’s why our EVS programs are centered on two things: keeping your hospital pristine and making sure your patients are pleased with our work.

Optimum Patient Throughput

Our proprietary SMS Peak Activity Discharge Program can shave minutes off of turn times, elevating your revenue potential and getting patients out of the Emergency Department.

Team Concept Plan

Think of this as concierge services for your patients. For example, our staff members leave their contact information in each room and are immediately responsive to any additional needs or requests. Not only does this signal that the room has been cleaned, it also solicits patients’ involvement in their own comfort. Learn more about how SMS brings hospitality to healthcare.

Site-specific Environmental Services

From critical areas to unique surfaces, our rigorous cleaning regimens are aligned with the exact needs of your facility. See how we customize our services to meet your needs…

Efficient Infectious Disease Control

Our infectious pathogen cleaning eliminates 99% of the most aggressive infectious disease organisms, significantly reducing the threat of Hospital Acquired Infections.

Thorough Waste Management

Our acute care waste distribution is in step with the latest processes, ensuring that all waste is properly separated as regular waste, biohazard waste and recyclables.

Superior Safety

Our operations are formatted not only to meet OSHA and JCAHO requirements, but also to exceed them. We also implement safety recognition systems that allow employees to identify safety hazards and prevent accidents.