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We've told you about our professional, hard-working employees. We've talked about our proprietary systems and innovations. We've promised an unmatched level of quality. Now it's time to prove that we're serious about these claims. Read our case studies and see how our 20 years of experience means happier guests, reduced operating costs and improved productivity at your facility.

"That's just the kind of employees we have here."

SMS Employees Find $6,000

Two SMS employees at Nashville International Airport recently stumbled upon large sums of money and, demonstrating honesty and integrity, immediately turned in the money.

On separate occassions, Roberto Medino Santiago found a wallet with $1,000 inside, and Tsedaly Eshetu found a sack containing $5,000. Both found the money around the gate areas of the airport while cleaning there. Read more...

"He really was a great team player."

SMS Employee Assists in Carjacking, Kidnapping Incident

After a recent carjacking and kidnapping  incident at Susquehanna Valley Mall, SMS employee David Baker assisted with the capture of the offender.

When Baker discovered a set of knives in the men’s room that had one knife missing, he alerted security, and stayed with the evidence until security arrived and processed it. Read more...