Our Services

One major benefit of partnering with SMS is that we take the time to custom-fit our offerings to each particular environment. By combining our services into a carefully tailored plan, and then using a professional staff to carry out that plan, we make sure your facility is always at its best.

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Environmental Services (EVS)

SMS Housekeeping

From private suite to public area cleaning, SMS supervises and manages:

  • Services – housekeeping, restrooms, restaurants, kitchens, bars, meeting rooms, foyers, parking garages, administrative offices, back-of-house spaces, laundry, stewarding, trash collection
  • Daily Cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, wiping, sweeping, mopping, buffing, polishing, spot cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning – low moisture carpet extraction, deep scrubbing of floors, floor surface stripping, waxing/sealing of floors, furniture movement to clean perimeters, exterior pressure washing

Increasing Patient Satisfaction

SMS Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your facility, even minor items deserve careful attention. From HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems to landscape programs, safety protocols and even professional training programs — we can handle any area, down to the last detail.

With SMS at the helm, no detail goes unnoticed. Just some of the ways we can help:

  • Asset Management – identifying, tracking, locating and analyzing all your physical assets
  • Work Management – from installing new equipment to issuing corrective or preventive maintenance work requisitions and work orders
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) – creating PM tasks based on a fixed date, flexible time period, metered usage or a PM route
  • Materials Management – monitoring and controlling storeroom inventory using automatic storeroom replenishment methods (Min-Max and Reorder Point-Order Quantity)
  • Purchasing – addressing blanket purchase orders and quotation processing, ensuring the right parts are ordered, tracking delivery times and receipts

Benefits of Outsourcing

SMS Construction

No Job Too Small

Not only do we keep your facility clean and running smoothly, we’ll also take care of the occasional odd jobs too. Minor plumbing, unplugging drains, rebuilding motors, patching walls, painting, replacing light bulbs and tile, changing out air filters on HVAC units — no task is too small.