Patient Safety starts with the right EVS Program

Today, the reputation of healthcare facilities hinges on patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

SMS Healthcare’s Environmental Services (EVS) program helps improve each patient’s experience. We keep our programs accountable to track our progress in reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and increasing HCAHPS. Our utmost priority is keeping patients and staff at our hospitals safe and healthy. Our rigorous cleaning methods fight possible pathogens every day to minimize infection, keeping our healthcare facilities looking and working at their best. Our EVS program can add value to your healthcare facility by:


Reducing HAIs

Professional cleaning and proper surface disinfection are an important part of your infection control plan. Our employees are trained to deliver a consistent, high-quality cleaning program for medical environments, reducing the spread of HAIs.


Increasing Patient Satisfaction

A clean environment can help patients feel more comfortable when receiving medical care, and impact your HCAHPS scores. With our customized approach to patient engagement, SMS Healthcare ensures your facility will leave a positive, lasting impression on your patients.


Ensuring Survey-Readiness

If your hospital has ever had the pleasure of participating in an unannounced compliance survey, you know that it can serve as a great wake-up call to all staff members. Being prepared for surveys at all times should be every employee’s daily priority. We have created detailed checklists and processes to help keep everyone on your team survey-ready and your hospital citation-free, 365 days a year.

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