A Clean School Matters!

Our cleaning programs are designed to improve academic performance and allow faculty to focus on teaching quality, keeping your entire school looking brand new while helping prevent the spread of illness and infection.

When students play, work, and interact in close environments, such as schools and childcare facilities, they are more susceptible to the spread of illness-causing germs. It’s important to clean your academic facilities correctly, while using proper disinfectants. With our strong roots in healthcare environments, adopting strict government standards, we ensure a consistent, high-quality cleaning approach.

Students and parents evaluate educational facilities based on appearance. For parents, it’s one of the first things they consider when choosing a K-12 school or childcare facility. When potential students tour your higher education campus, the overall appearance has a tremendous impact. Make a great first impression and allow us to help you keep your students healthy and in the classroom with our tailored cleaning, exterior upkeep, and maintenance services.

Whatever it Takes!

At SMS, our “Whatever it Takes!” philosophy goes with us everywhere. A clean school and surrounding facilities promote a healthy learning environment. Sticky tables, slippery floors, and smelly restrooms are risks that we take seriously. When students and teachers do not have to worry about the safety and cleanliness of your campus, they are able to focus better on their schoolwork and lesson plans.


Stop the Spread of Germs

Educational facilities are a paradise for contagious illnesses, which can spread quickly in school populations because of the constant close contact. Germ-infested tables, chairs, and doorknobs facilitate that spread, if not cleaned properly. Our proven processes protect health by helping prevent the spread of illness and infection – focusing on disinfecting germ hotspots and high-touch areas throughout your campus.


Why SMS Employees Make a Difference

Our philosophy of hiring people for talent and personality and then training them on skills as needed allows us to have a significantly better labor pool than many of our competitors. As we proudly boast the outstanding quality and customer service our employees offer, we identify talented people ready for larger roles and responsibilities. Many of our current managers began as housekeepers, supervisors, and floor technicians at our accounts. Nearly all of our supervisors and leads were promoted from within.


Quality Assurance through our OPS360 Technology

Our OPS360 quality assurance technology delivers accountability, performance visibility, and continuous improvement at every building – room by room. This allows SMS management and our customers to monitor our service quality at any given time. Our quality control program focuses on transparency, analytics, and collaboration. With real-time data, we can stay on track and correct any issues that may arise.


Sustainable Cleaning

SMS takes its environmental responsibility very seriously, and we understand how to improve our recycling, reuse, and reduction efforts. All chemicals, approaches, equipment, and training comply with all Federal, State, and local health, safety, and environmental regulations. These include Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) requirements under the Hazard Communication Standard and the EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Our Education Team in Action

Charlestown High School Voted “Cleanest School!”

On Dec. 13, 2022, our Service Management Systems, Inc. Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams at Charlestown High School in Charleston, Indiana were honored for their hard work and dedication to providing quality service to the school. During the recognition ceremony held between basketball games, they were notified that Charlestown High School was voted “Cleanest School” out of all the schools in the Greater Clark County Schools area.

Both the SMS Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams embody our core values and commitment to doing “Whatever it Takes!” in support of our customers. We are extremely humbled and impressed by their dedication.

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