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Beyond the Surface: The Science Behind Expert Floor Care

Top Five Benefits of a Professional Floor Care Plan

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Safety Matters!

At SMS, our multi-pronged safety approach is a daily priority

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Your Airport should be the gateway to a positive first impression

Happy travelers spend more money in the Passenger Terminal

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Preparedness begins with an Emergency Response Plan

Being ready for what could happen doesn’t just happen

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Service Management Systems/Perfection Group has a unique partnership with Greater Clark County Schools

And the result is well-earned success from the challenges of servicing a sprawling Indiana school district

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Quality Control: The Key to Keeping your Housekeeping Issues under Control

What is Quality Assurance in a large-scale custodial contract?

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Clean for Improved Indoor Air Quality

The Pandemic taught us what Clean really means

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Why does a Clean School Matter?

A Clean Classroom Improves Student Success and Teaching Quality

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3 Common Types of Qualitative Monitoring

When it comes to proper cleaning and disinfection methods, SMSHC uses three monitoring methods.

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Handwashing Poster

Download our free poster on proper hand-washing techniques.

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Personal Protective Equipment Guide

To learn more about Personal Protective Equipment, download our free guide.

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Preventative Equipment Maintenance

For tips on preventative Equipment Maintenance, download our free guide.

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Recruit, Train, Retrain Guide

How can you equip the best possible team to clean your facility? Follow our best practices for recruiting, training and retaining.

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OPS360 Guide

Our automated tracking program, OPS360, ensures we provide consistent, quality environmental services.

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